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Overthinking Needle Minder

Overthinking Needle Minder

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Our magnetic enamel needle minders help you keep track of your needle by holding it in place while protecting your fabric from unnecessary holes or rust.

We use only neodymium rare earth magnets on our minders, which are much stronger than standard magnets and are guaranteed not to leave marks on your fabric.

Each needle minder includes one magnetic enamel front piece and a second magnetic back piece.

To use: Separate the two magnets and place the needle minder on top of your fabric. Then place the included backing magnet behind your fabric to hold the needle minder in place. Your needle will now stick to the front surface of the needle minder.

Size: 1.2"
Enamel: Hard Enamel
Plating: Silver Metal

Shipping: All orders ship within 24 hours and typically arrive within 2-3 days.

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