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Electric Bike Horn

Electric Bike Horn

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Announce your presence with authority using the Electric Bike Horn's unparalleled power!

In a world prioritizing road safety, the Electric Bike Horn stands as a vigilant sentinel for your journey. Emitting a formidable 120 dB sound output, it demands attention, ensuring pedestrians and motorists alike take notice, heralding a safer cycling epoch for all.

Enhanced Visibility

The Electric Bike Horn emits a commanding sound reaching up to 120 dB, ensuring pedestrians and motorists are alerted to your presence. Whether navigating through traffic or traversing bustling intersections, this device offers an additional layer of safety, mitigating the risk of accidents.

Eco-conscious Solution

Bid farewell to disposable batteries. Operating on 2 CR2032 batteries, the Electric Bike Horn reduces environmental impact while delivering impressive longevity. Capable of ringing up to 4000 times, rest assured knowing that your safety is not at the expense of the planet.

All-Weather Reliability

Weather and terrain pose no hindrance. Engineered to withstand the elements, the Electric Bike Horn boasts an IP4 waterproof rating, ensuring functionality even in adverse conditions. Its anti-dust and shatter-resistant features ensure durability, allowing you to cycle with unwavering confidence regardless of the weather.

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